Hampton awarded a third star

A few months ago, Nottingham junior Saquan Hampton was a state champion defensive back with a lot to offer a college program. A lot has changed in that span of time as Hampton has committed to play college football at Rutgers and seen his stock as a recruit begin to soar.
Hampton was moved up to a three-star prospect this week by
"It was a good feeling to see that my hard work at the Rivals camp paid off, but it doesn't stop at a three-star," Hampton said. "Therefore, I cant be satisfied. I still have lots of work to do."
Since the end of what was an impressive junior season, Hampton has made some impressive gains.
"I have improved my size by 20 pounds," he said. "I also have improved my top end speed along with opening my hips a little quicker so I don't get behind as easily."
And in what areas is Hampton looking to improve on next season?
"Definitely coming up with more takeaways and closing quicker," Hampton said.
In preparation for the upcoming season, Hampton has been hard at work on a daily basis.
"My workouts consist of a lot of sled work as well with the ladder and w-drills. Things in the weight room are coming along really nice," Hampton explained. "My hard work is paying off and I'm seeing a lot of results."
Long before Hampton was awarded his third star, he committed to play his college football at Rutgers. He offered his thoughts on what it was like having that program pursue him before any of these offseason accolades.
"It was nice because not often does the county I play in get much recognition. Many doubt on us and Rutgers being the first just showed that they know talent when they see it. It was nice that they noticed me."
Coincidentally, another trip to Rutgers is next on Hampton's agenda.
"I'll be attending Rutgers' Skills Camp In June and that's something I am looking forward to," he said.