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NJ Top 25 Big and Small Schools

We are breaking the Top 25 down to Groups 1/2 and Groups
3/4/5.  This is a more fair way of doing it for all the schools
and we think it is particularly good for the small schools.
Since we are only one week into the season, there are a lot of
uncertainties.  The list changed a little after last week and
will change some more as the season unfolds.  This will make it
a more accurate poll.  We are keeping Don Bosco at number one,
probably until a New Jersey team knocks them off.
The main criteria we use are a combination of: 1) team success from
last year, 2) amount of players returning, and 3) reputation of
programs.  It’s not an absolute science, but we do our best.
Nest week, we will break this into two separate articles, with
capsule comments.  If you don’t think you are ranked high
enough, feel free to state your case on our message board.