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NJ Top 25 Big and Small Schools

We are breaking the Top 25 down to Groups 1/2 and Groups 3/4/5. This is a more fair way of doing it for all the schools and we think it is particularly good for the small schools.
Since it is a pre-season poll, there are a lot of uncertainties. The list you will see will probably change drastically in the next few weeks after the games have been played. The top few teams are easy to pick, but things are less clear after that. As more games are played, things have more clarity and the cream rises to the top.
The main criteria we use are a combination of:
1) team success from last year
2) amount of players returning, and
3) reputation of programs.
It's not an absolute science, but we do our best. There will be some teams left out who will enter in the near future. All they have to do is win some games. Teams we have ranked will lose a game or two - that's a guarantee. If you don't think you are ranked high enough, take it easy: it's only a poll.