Price headed to Coastal Carolina

For every great moment we witness on Saturdays during the fall, there are just as many moments that go unnoticed behind the scenes which better the lives of the players involved.
Considering the percentage of players that will go on to pursue a professional career in football is very low, in the long run, lessons on how to conduct themselves as adults and become contributing members of society can be just as, if not more, important than learning how to properly attack a 3-4 defense.
One recruit who understands the importance of developing, both as a player and a person, is Dwayne Price.
Price is a talented 6-foot-3, 245 pound lineman from East Orange Campus High School (NJ).
Having drawn interest from a number of schools including Temple, Syracuse, Maine, Wagner and UMass, Price decided to end his recruitment by committing to Coastal Carolina University on January 14th after receiving a formal scholarship offer.
There were many reasons for his commitment to the Chanticleers program, but the ability to relate with the coaching staff, players and fellow recruits, as well as the opportunity to better himself as both a player and a person, were major selling points for Price.
"The reason for my commitment to Coastal Carolina University was the connection I made with the players, coaches and other recruits who could be potential teammates in the future. Also, the head coach (Joe Moglia) truly understands what it's like not to have and to struggle. He knows what its like to not have a handout and to earn every ounce of what you want. This experience can help me as a man: to be a more mature and responsible person since his methods reflect what it means to be a man, which is the motto of the Coastal Carolina football program," said Price.
Sometimes a negative campus visit can outweigh the factors that made a recruit interested in a particular program in the first place, but for Price, this hasn't been the case. On the contrary, Prices' visit to the Coastal Carolina campus only reaffirmed to him that Conway is where he wants to spend the next four years of his life.
"I've only visited Coastal Carolina, but that trip was just an unforgettable experience with everything and I didn't feel out of place so the whole trip was a highlight and I will never forget it," said Price.
Several traits that will help Price make an impact at the next level standout when watching him on tape: explosive power, as well as an uncommon combination of speed and agility for someone his size.
Price currently weighs around 245-250 pounds, but the Coastal Carolina staff would like to see him get as high as 295 pounds depending on what position they put him at.
"The coaches at Coastal Carolina see me playing a variety of defensive positions, but as of now SDE and I am just enthusiastic about it," said Price.
In addition to looking to improve as a person off the field, Price is putting in work during the offseason so that he can improve as a player before arriving on campus this fall.
"I am still lifting weights, doing agility drills, working on my footwork and moves, as well as hand movements and cardio," said Price.
Price is a prospect whose talents alone have drawn interest from a host of coaches, but his recognition of what football can do for him off the field, combined with his desire to become the best player that he can be on it, is refreshing in this day in age and will make him an asset to the Coastal Carolina program.